• TDS-AL-60-8/OV/ISO-M

    Material:  Forged Alloy
    EXT: 60mm
    Rise:   10° 
    Height: 50mm
    Bar Bore: Φ25.4  Φ28.6
    Front Fork Bore: Φ28.6  

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  • TDS-C242-8/FOV/ISO-M

    Material: Forged Alloy / Die-casting Alloy
    EXT: 60 90 110mm
    Rise: 10° 
    Height: 41mm
    Bar Bore: Φ25.4  Φ31.8
    Front Fork Bore: Φ28.6

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  • TDS-D364-8FOV/ISO-M

    Material:  3D Forged Alloy
    EXT:70 80 90 100 110 120mm 
    Rise: ±7° 
    Height: 41mm 
    Bar Bore:  Φ31.8
    Front Fork Bore: Φ28.6  

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  • Y-2

    MATERIAL: Steel
    Length: 135 145 150 165 177 200mm
    Bar Bore:  Φ25.4
    Quill Diameter:  Φ22.2
    FINISH:BED/High Polished Silver / CP
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  • C-2/ISO-C

    Material:  Steel
    EXT:  21mm 
    Height: 150 160 180 190mm 
    Bar Bore: Φ25.5
    Quill Diameter: Φ22.2 
    Finish: BED CP D.SF
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  • MTS-C121-1/2/ISO-C

    Material:  Die-casting Alloy / Steel
    EXT:   60mm 
    Rise:  30°
    Length: 150 180 220 280mm 
    Bar Bore: Φ25.4
    Quill Diameter:  Φ21.1  Φ22.2

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  • MTS-C268-5FOV/ISO-C

    Material:  Die-casting Alloy
    EXT:    90 110mm 
    Rise: -10°~+50°
    Length: 150 180mm 
    Bar Bore: Φ31.8
    Quill Diameter:  Φ25.4

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  • MX-370-1/2/5/ISO-M

    Material: Alloy / Steel
    EXT: 36mm
    Rise: 0°
    Length: 145mm
    Bar Bore: Φ22.2
    Quill Diameter:  Φ21.1   Φ22.2   Φ25.4 

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  • MX-C785-1/2MX-C785-1/2

    Material: Die-casting Alloy / Steel
    EXT: 37mm
    Rise: 0°
    Length: 135 145 150 170 180 200 215mm
    Bar Bore: Φ22.2
    Quill Diameter:  Φ21.1   Φ22.2  

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