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HL CORP(SHENZHEN) which was founded in OCT1991 is a foreign investment CO., LTD, and approved by the commercial ministry of

the People's Republic of China on December 15 , 2003, HL CORP specializes in the R&D, manufacture and marketing of bicycle parts (like handlebar, stem ,seat pillar and suspension forks etc)and sports fitness& rehabilitation equipment, the company always insists on its business philosophy of” integrity , innovation, quality, practice, implementation, win-win” since it was established,its core business is kept steadily grow through product innovation and production in scale.

The company create famous brand ZOOM in the world with good quality, punctual delivery, reasonable price, outstanding goodwill, enjoying good reputation in the industry.

HL CORP branches out its scope from bicycle parts to the whole sports fitness equipment market. products are exported far to Europe ,USA, mainland CHINA,ASIA, its R&D, manufacturing and sales are in the leading positions in the industry. bicycle handlebar 、stem 、seat pillar and suspension forks etc ranked top 1 in the global market share,sports fitness and rehabilitation equipment has a big market share and turnover with gradual growth year-on-year, which is welcomed by some well-known manufacturers in Europe and USA thanks to its wide variety and perfect function.

Business philosophy

Affiliated company

  • Rider Division

    Production of carbon fiber, aluminum, iron handlebar stem, seat-tube shock absorbers, small handles and other bicycle parts, the annual production capacity of 70 million, the effective number of patents 64.
  • Fork Division

    Production of magnesium alloy, aluminum, iron and other suspension fork, magnesium alloy suspension fork production technology to improve the level of technology and value-added products, specializing in manufacturing suspension fork uphold the concept of continuous research and innovation, to the bike ride more comfortable ride, the annual production capacity of 7 million, the effective number of patents 21.

  • Yun Materials Division

    Production of all kinds of sports and fitness equipment such as breaststroke sports car, stepping, rowing machine, sit from the seat, convenient electric car and electric recreational vehicle, and the first lithium batteries used in electric vehicle systems. Annual production capacity of 300 million units, the effective number of patents 73.

  • Rehabilitation Division

    Production of various types of rehabilitation equipment products easy to use, such as wheelchairs, walkers and assisting those with reduced mobility bathing mobile equipment, the annual production capacity of 800,000 units, the effective number of patents 6.

  • Yi into the car material (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

    Yi into the car material (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

  • Taicang HL CORP car expected Ltd.

    Taicang HL CORP car expected Ltd.
  • Nobutaka Industries (USA) Inc.

    Nobutaka Industries (USA) Inc.
  • Nobutaka Industrial (Hong Kong) Ltd.

    Nobutaka Industrial (Hong Kong) Ltd.
  • Yi into the car material (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

    Yi into the car material (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
  • Tianjin Nobutaka Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Tianjin Nobutaka Industrial Co., Ltd.


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Year 1991:HL CORP(SHENZHEN) CO.,LTD was established in 55zhonghuan   RD LONGHUA BAOAN district SHENZHEN with an area of 40000 square meter.


NOV,2002:Bought out HL CORP(TAICANG) set up in 2001 with an area of   60000squaremeter.  

DEC2003: HL CORP(SHENZHEN) was established  

JAN2004:HL CORP(HONGKONG) LTD was set up ,  which is in charge of import and export and shipping arrangement.

NOV2004:HSIN-TECH(SHENZHEN)CO.,LTD: mainly manufacture disc-brake. 

DEC2004:HL CORP health-care specialized in home-market sports &  fitness equipment 

MAR2005:Bought in HL CORP(USA) which is in charge of USA market.

MAR2006:HISN KANG international Co LTD(USA) run mainly R&D and sales of   sports and fitness equipment: 

DEC2006:IPO 68 million A-share  


APR2008:bought out ARISE bicycle industrial(KUNSHAN) 

MAR2010: HL Corp(Tianjin) Industrial Co, Ltd.Covering area of 227 thousand square meters, is located in Tianjin, Jinghai County, Shuang Tong high-end hardware industry park


Solid technical R&D strength over 200 staff, R&D new products is based on product style in target market, trend and customer demand, over 100 new products come out every year, products development and design gradually evolve into more R&D project and short cycle. in this regards, new products variety and its launches have a competitive advantage.

  • road simulation test
  • road simulation test
  • road simulation test
  • road simulation test
  • road simulation test
  • handlebar function testing
  • handlebar function testing
  • bicycle dual Mode Dynamic test
  • bicycle dual Mode Dynamic test
  • bicycle dual Mode Dynamic test
  • handlebar function testing
  • handlebar function testing

Strength quality

The company in 1995 through the ISO9001 authentication, and also was smooth in 2002 has completed ISO9001: 2000 edition corrections trade the card work.

The company has the strict product quality test routine and the checker, the handle bar, the Suspension Forks two division establishes the product to examine the laboratory separately, this room is the land area only obtains the laboratory which the Taiwan financial group legal person bicycle and the healthy technical industry research development center (Asian area bicycle domain authoritative research and development organization) approves, can provide satisfies international standard like national, the international standard and so on European Union EN, German DIN, German DIN, English BS, French NF, Australian AS, American CPSC, Japanese JIS, Chinese GB, ISO bicycle spare parts examination service. In addition transports the product which the material, the recovery services department produce authentication through quality authentication organization and so on the TUV, SGS, ICTI, guarantees the product quality the margin of safety.

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Legal statement

Shenzhen HL Corp are subject to the final approval of the government departments and formal legal documents, HL Corp has the final interpretation, please note。