Medical Equipment Division was established in 2002, whole factory field occupies 16,000 square meters and around 450 employees.
Our major productions are Aluminum and Steel, wheel chair, rollator, cane, walker, commode, shower chair, bedrail, overbed table, IVPole ... related medical equipments. According to Aluminum & Steel tubes manufacture to finished goods has accumulated plenty of experience. Our division provides design, production, and sales full service solution.
Leading product developing technology and create first class customized products. Modern production equipments make excellent quality
And sales team also provides the most customers' satisfaction.
A, Research and design technology
1. Taking Solidworks, Pro / E, ZWCAD .., highest standard software to
   proceed product design.
2. Excellent design team could analyze production capacity and reasonable cost evaluation
3. According on different customization to proceed indeed OEM / ODM design development.
Two, Manufacturing technology
1. Remain tradition manufacture machine, in addition, we also take into robot hand proceeding automatic welding to guarantee our best quality.
2. Own modern CNC manufacturing machine around 20 sets and leading accurately producing technology in the world.
Three, Testing and inspection technology:
1. Using 3D accurate inspection device to guarantee high quality.
2. Collaborate with Taiwan CHC R & D center,
according to International standard ISO 7176 inquired to make whole set of manual wheel chair inspection devices those could proceed comprehensively dropping, impacting, static stability, dynamic stability and fatigue testing.
Four, Manufacturing management technology
1. Since 2002. August started to bring into TOYOTA TPS manufacture management system,
 the most advance manufacturing production technology that could reduce manpower also shorten producing process, reducing materials consumption, reducing stocks and shorten shipping period,
Effectively improve company execution.
2. Since 2006. October started to using the world most modern enterprise resource management system-SAP, each business division already successfully to settle up and enhance the information more efficiently.

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