Stock Code: 002105 Stock Abbreviation: Nobutaka Industrial
Company: Shenzhen letter Lung Industrial Co., Ltd.
English name: HL CORP. (SHENZHEN)
Registered Address: Longhua District Longhua office Long Road 65
The company referred to as: Nobutaka Industrial
Legal representative: Liao gold
Company secretaries: Chen Liqiu
Registered Capital (RMB): 368,500,000
Industry: Sporting Goods Manufacturing
Postal Code: 518109
Phone: 0755-27749423
Fax: 0755-27746236
Time to market : 2007-01-12
Prospectus Time:  2006-12-25
Issue Number (shares): 6,800
Issue price (RMB): 3.4
Earnings ratio (times):  29.99
Underwriter:  Ping An Securities Co., Ltd.

Ping An Securities Co., Ltd.

Legal statement

Shenzhen HL Corp are subject to the final approval of the government departments and formal legal documents, HL Corp has the final interpretation, please note。