Sporting Goods and Fitness Division was found in 2000 and there are more than 400 million RMB sales performance meanwhile. The sales amount also contributed the basis for the production and development scale. The plant is built on 50 thousand square meters and operated with 700 employees. Our main product line include Fitness items, Outdoor sporting goods and electronic scooter; Fitness items: TV shopping items, Steppers, AB products and Flex Trainer ... etc; Outdoor Sporting Goods: Kick scooters, Rocker, Turbo Twist and Balance Bike ... etc; Electronic Scooters: E-Bike, E-3 wheel scooter and E-4 wheel scooter.

Sporting Goods and Fitness Division experienced manufacturing TV infomercial fitness item years ago. Besides, we devote innovating high nicety product, various material usage, and developing low-cost, functional, healthy, entertainment and diverse sporting goods. We are also familiar with all the test standard for United States and Europe and study and research new process and construction.

Innovation Design and Product:
      1. Cooperate with the popular sporting goods corporations around the world to design and develop innovative sports products, from OEM to ODM have emerged in the brisk performance of the sporting industry.
      2. For a revolutionary design, we apply for global patents to protect intellectual property rights of creators, it is the most valuable intangible assets of us.

Instant Huge Volume Production:
      Familiar with the production scope and timeliness of the television products, and can organize short- time training and standardized mass-produced.

Superior Efficient and Quality:
      1. Constantly repeated through the IE test to verify the efficiency of production and processing and assembly, through out the continuous improvement on process to reduce the waste and seek to maximize effectiveness.
      2. Through out the discussions of quality system, we get the continuously improvement of products'requirements.

Four, Global marketing:
      HL group have more than 30 years of customer base, his customers all over the world, and by participating the professional world shows annually, then our unique products that can be extended to every corner of the earth.

Welcome the pool of talents, who has the creative opinion on products and patents. Please contact our company any time you wish.We could have further discussion on our cooperation.

Legal statement

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