High-level Zoom is the brand of high-quality bicycle parts that tie in with the new material and new technology to create. It demonstrates a noble breath, the gracefulness &fashion & trend are also rolled into one, furthermore extremely light, it is not only the optimal option for the international top-class bicycle racer but also the beloved for the modern pursuing fashion& trend.

It goes without saying that ZOOM represents the company is branching out and strengthening continuously, the staff in HL is elaborating to create medium-to-high grade bicycle parts` brand on a basis of the business philosophy–“continuous innovation ,great efficiency as well as to meet customers` demand punctually”. it can be compatible to various bicycle, It  demonstrates vigor& enthusiasm, just embodying personality of the modern and the idea of its sports and fitness.

KALIN offers economical 、pragmatic and value bicycle parts to bicycle manufacturer, uniform to popular demand .It is mainly used for this kind of bicycle parts` brand made from steel and die-casting materials. Its greatest edge is solemn but dexterous, rough but classical.

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