Yunnan University of science and technology senior leadership class overseas enterprises visit

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cloud University College of management senior leadership class overseas enterprises visit

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2017 12 month 18, Taiwan Yunlin science and Technology University Management School 27 overseas enterprise representative visited Shenzhen Xinlong. At 10 a.m., the visiting group watched the propaganda film about the development and introduction of Xinlong in the conference room, and then made a positive discussion with the executive director and the senior company. The two sides launched a heated discussion on the development direction, management mode and management concept of the enterprise.

10:40 points, under the guidance of the executive director, the visiting group inspected the operation of die casting, forks, rehabilitation, transportation, machinery and other departments. Many of the new production equipment have attracted the attention and discussion of the visiting group. Each department and executive director gave brief introductions and explanations so that the visiting group could visit and understand better.

At 12 point at noon, after the field visit was completed, the visiting group returned to the conference room and expressed great satisfaction with the study and study. It appreciated the scale, business philosophy and innovation ability of the company. It asked questions about the company's cost control, business direction and the selection of raw materials. The chief executive and the chief executive answered the questions one by one and shared their understanding of the international environment. The delegation expressed sincere thanks to the two speakers for their deep speech and delivered a meaningful gift.

12:30 points, the inspection work is over, and the group photo is nostalgia. The visit strengthened the communication and communication between Xinlong and overseas enterprises, and fully demonstrated the image and strength of the company. It has deepened the understanding of Xinlong by overseas enterprises, and has also learned relevant experience from overseas enterprises to help Xinlong develop faster.

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