Weekend Bike Camp

Updated date:2017/2/21 上午 10:19:58

Songgang factory / executive staff room: Liao Jiaxin

May sky Qingyun Ariel, gently breeze swing as we ride the pace in the beauty of nature and enjoy each team riding mood and passion. The company, due to the platform and guarantee to perfect our players; Yama Mizumi, because human nature gives us love sports attribution, let love angel riding experience nature clear air and listen to the views of no limit birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers, enjoy the joy of travel;The bicycle for beauty, let us pull mountain wading, run around, through the earth every horizon; people more beautiful, because we travel in countries to promote national fitness, low-carbon environmental protection, return to the beauty of nature;

With the pace of time each weekend, the arrival of the US team is riding into the world around the site, a scenery line. Bike riding activities give us unlimited happiness and unlimited challenges, make love riding by players are deeply in love with long letter, more love cycling activities, regardless of wind or rain in summer, his teammates regardless of the weather.

That day (May 15th) in the morning, the sun shining on the earth in May, the morning air is fresh. Through our planned cycling team riding activities in Dongguan Dalingshan Forest Park riding. When we are unified to the starting point, their teammates check equipment and safety equipment, the team responsible for the people and that riding in some of the requirements for the deployment and members of the division of labor. In a "starting" slogan, we have the discipline in a row column starting to Dalingshan Forest Park. We experienced a half hour cycling team has to Dalingshan entrance, car players rest, at the same time check whether there are abnormal and bicycle parts of the body, in order to avoid the phenomenon of other muscle cramps to ride. In particular, this also has just joined the team to ride together, so we are responsible for the team's riding activities are also particularly careful and care about the new team's riding condition.

We were riding the line. There are two options: first Dalingshan Forest Park around the circle (about 68 km), with a time of 3 hours, second in a circle around the reservoir (about 30 km) in 2 hours. We are riding in the division of labor is the main principle: Vanguard is exploration ahead of normal traffic and car can do that to do team riding safety; although each individual players physical fitness and physical strength, team cohesion and team spirit can reflect. Challenge and support team (failure of way of bicycle maintenance and prevent some of the players left behind, lost); by his teammates to discuss, agree with the sound of a circle around the challenge, "the starting point" teammates naturally to ride in formation driving, riding on the way each of us concentrate time Caution! Every time, when a sharp turn downhill, also often hear "be careful, please keep away from the car, brake, or" whenever the Changpo steep slope to hear 'refueling, adhere to the'. Two road beside the flowers and trees so lush, birds and insects in animal in the release of splendor ceaselessly, the gentle Breeze Blows to our live, feel how refreshing, often riding on the wayWill meet with other players, both sides will greet and encourage each other, or even sit down together to discuss the bicycle products and riding technology exchanges. Riding after 3 hours, in the middle of it made several rest energy and exchange riding essentials, mutual learning, keep pace with the times, the mood and mutual support and encouragement, embodies the team spirit, to keep us safe and smooth arrival and cycling team development. Such as riding with other riding teammates or rest, we should actively promote the company's precision parts of the superiority, practicality, etc., so that the company's products to more customers to use and trust.

Through this riding activities, the new team members deeply experience, can participate in the company's fleet riding activities is a great honor, and constantly improve their riding ability and unity, the spirit of harmony. Although teammates sweat, limbs pain feel happy, worth.

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