Notice On The 2011 "12.4" Legal Publicity Activities

Updated date:2011/12/13 14:03:27

Shenzhen Bureau Office of the word [2011] No. 37
About 2009-2011 "12.4" Legal
Notify campaign
Each area listed companies, securities and futures business institutions:
This year is the first year of the "Plan" Franco-Prussian planning for the success of the "12.4" National Legal Publicity Day series of promotional activities, according to the unified deployment of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Bureau decided to organize in 2011 in the area "12 * 4 "legal campaign. Relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
First, the theme
In 2011 the area subject "12.4" Legal campaign is: "Learning the Constitution and keep the law, honesty - combat and prevention of insider trading."
Second, Time
From now until late December.
Third, the focus of publicity
(A) to seriously study and publicize the Constitution, promote the rule of law, promote integrity awareness. Vigorously learning to promote its principle of good faith requires the "Company Law", "Securities Law", "Securities Investment Fund Law", "Exchange Management Regulations" and other securities and futures laws and regulations, as well as relevant rules and regulations in a specific duty of good faith, honesty and integrity standards responsibility to promote the idea of the main parties involved in the capital markets firmly establish honest and trustworthy.
(B) in-depth study and publicize the ban on insider trading, "Rat", emptied of listed companies, disclosure of false information, market manipulation, fraud, legal norms and other customer behavior.
(Iii) the results of typical cases and work to combat insider trading and the prevention and control of major publicity securities and futures markets. Focus on advocacy in recent years to investigate insider trading, "Rat" and other serious illegal acts of dishonesty, negative examples to education, warning market participants; vigorously promote honesty, trust deeds in the city, promote capital market integrity typical.
Fourth, the work requirements
(A) attach great importance to careful organization. All units should attach great importance to the legal system of this campaign, the responsibility of the leaders in charge of publicity around the theme and focus, combined with the practical conditions and characteristics, the development of various forms, rich in content, practical legal advocacy programs, organization, personnel and financial aspects give the necessary guarantees, seriously organize the implementation of the deployment, pay attention to the legal effectiveness of promotional activities, the formation of respect for integrity, stressing the integrity of a good situation.
(B) insist on facing the public, in-depth market. Each unit should combine to promote its focus, through Internet sites and business premises open a special column set up banners, posters, brochures distributed, held investor seminars, send SMS and other channels, the use of television, radio, newspapers and other mass media and other new media, play close to the advantage of the market and investors, increase the legal publicity efforts, focusing on the integrity of the securities and futures to promote its norms and prohibitions related to legal knowledge and awareness of honesty feed the majority of investors.
(C) adhere to for employees, and strengthen self-discipline. All units must set up through the network platform column, hold lectures on legal system, centralized training, knowledge contests, essay contests organization, case warning education and other methods, organization and management and staff to focus on learning the principles of integrity and securities futures market requirements related ban provisions, prevention and control of insider trading, information isolation and conflict of interest prevention and other rules and norms, enhance compliance and the integrity of law-abiding employees self-awareness, educate employees Yanshou Cheng real credit, earnestly fulfill its obligation of diligence and promote their faith standard practice, striving to integrity example.
(Iv) conscientiously sum up, timely reporting. Each unit should be carefully reviewed this law publicity and education activities, in particular the activities of some unique content, manner and promotional materials, summary reports and related promotional material, please, 2011. December 28 reported that the Office related business offices.
I will be a joint Shenzhen Listed Companies Association, the Securities Industry Association, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Futures Association, guidance, coordination among units to carry out law publicity activities, and spot checks were carried out legal publicity activities.
Company office: Xu Meng Tel: 83,263,393
Agency office: Zhu Jingxi Phone: 83268877
Fund office: Wu Man Phone: 83260585
Futures office: Lei Tel: 83,265,633
Er ○ December the year
CC: Listed Companies Association, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Securities Industry Association, Shenzhen Futures Association

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