Organization To Participate"National 100 Sites Socialist Legal System"

Updated date:2011/12/13 下午 02:01:28

On the organization to participate in the "National 100 sites socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics
Notify knowledge contest "campaign
Shenzhen listed companies, securities companies, fund companies, futures companies:
According to China Securities Regulatory Commission, "on the website to participate actively in the national hundred socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics knowledge contest notice" requirements and arrangements for the Office of Legal Publicity activities for solid job "Plan" legal work to further improve our notice of the matter legal awareness and legal quality, now organizations to participate in the "National 100 sites socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics and knowledge contest" activities are as follows:
First, the competition brief
According to the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued the "Plan" Franco-Prussian planning resolutions and requirements of the NPC Standing Committee to further strengthen legal education, the Ministry of Justice, the National Internet Information Office, the National Office of popularizing the decision to carry out the "National 100 in 2011 website socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics knowledge contest "activities.
Second, the contest time
In mid-October 2011 - - in mid-December.
Third, the way contest
The competition to take on-line answer mode. After the French Open can be found at Chinese Pu ( or other participating site, click activity identification to enter the contest page for more contest rules and conditions, be registered, according to contest the system prompts fill out personal information, to participate in the online contest.
After the competition, the Ministry of Justice and other organizers will answer according to the situation and organizations involved in online activities, selection, announced the list of winners and outstanding individual organizational units; according Prizes for the winners prize money, award certificates.
Fourth, the work requirements
The competition is an important part of this year's "12 * 4" National Legal Publicity Day activities, please each company attaches great importance to seriously organize and mobilize employees to actively participate in the contest. By participating in the contest, to further enhance the quality of law, strengthen the rule of law, promote the formation of conscious study of law abiding use of a good situation, and jointly safeguard and promote the area of securities and futures markets sustained, stable and healthy development.
Please each company will participate in the organization of the contest before 26 December 2011, submitted to the Bureau.
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