Laws And Regulations - On The Principle Of Good Faith

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Laws and regulations - on the principle of good faith
Principle of good faith
1. "State Council on promoting the capital market reform and stable development."
Seven, strengthen the rule of law and the integrity of the building, to improve the level of capital market supervision
Improve capital market regulation system, strengthening the integrity of the building. In accordance with the overall plan to develop the capital market, the capital market is conducive to a sound and stable development of investor rights protection regulations. ...... In accordance with sound social credit system in the modern market economy requirements, develop guidelines for the integrity of capital markets, maintaining the integrity of the order, for serious illegal, institutions and individuals serious dishonesty resolute implementation of market exclusion measures.
2. "People's Republic of China Company Law"
Article 5 companies engaged in business activities, must comply with the laws, administrative regulations, observe social ethics, business ethics, good faith, accept the supervision of government and the public, social responsibility.
Diershitiao shareholders shall abide by laws, administrative regulations and articles of association, the exercise of shareholders 'rights according to the law, not abuse of shareholders' rights or harm the interests of other shareholders of the company; not abuse the independent status of the legal interests of the Company and shareholders of a limited liability company harm creditors.
Shareholders abuse the rights of shareholders to the company or other shareholders losses shall be liable for compensation according to law.
Misuse of corporate shareholders and limited liability of shareholders independent status, avoid debt, seriously harm the interests of creditors of the company shall be jointly and severally liable for the debts of the company.
3. "People's Republic of China Securities Law"
Article securities issuance, trading parties have equal legal status and shall comply with voluntary, compensation, honesty and credibility.
Article 11.2 Sponsor shall abide by business rules and industry standards, honesty, diligence, the issuer's application documents and information disclosure prudential verification supervise issuers standardized operation.
Article 124 The establishment of a securities company shall satisfy the following conditions:
...... (Ii) major shareholders have sustained profitability, a good reputation in recent years without major irregularities recorded net assets of not less than two hundred million yuan;
Article 131, paragraph securities company directors, supervisors and senior management personnel shall with integrity, good character, familiar with securities laws, administrative regulations, and have needed to perform the duties of management capability, and pre-service achieved State Council's securities regulatory authority qualifications.
Article 132 due to violations or disciplinary offense was expelled from stock exchanges, securities registration and clearing institutions, securities service institutions, practitioners and staff of state organs was expelled from securities companies, securities companies can not recruit practitioners personnel.
4. "People's Republic of China Securities Investment Fund Law"
Article 4 securities investment fund shall principles of voluntariness, fairness, honesty and credibility, must not harm national interests and public interests.
Article IX fund manager and fund trustee management, use of fund assets, shall fulfill their duties and fulfill honesty, prudence and diligence.
Fund practitioners shall have obtained the qualification for fund practice, compliance with laws, administrative regulations and abide by professional ethics and code of conduct.
5. "Exchange Management Regulations"
Article engaged in futures trading activities, should follow an open, fair, impartial and honesty. No fraud, insider trading and manipulation of futures trading prices and other illegal activities.
Article XVI apply for the establishment of a futures company shall comply with the provisions of "People's Republic of China Company Law" and meet the following conditions:
...... (Iv) major shareholders and actual controllers have sustained profitability, good reputation, the last three years without a major illegal record; ......
6. "Securities Supervision and Management Regulations"
Article securities company shall comply with the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the securities regulatory authority under the State Council, the prudent operation, duty of good faith to customers.
Article securities company shareholders and actual controllers shall not abuse the right to occupy the securities firm or client assets, securities firm or prejudice the legitimate interests of customers.

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