Detailed Requirements Insider Regulatory Depth

Updated date:2011/12/13 13:53:02

Detailed requirements and make concerted efforts to block the source
Shenzhen Bureau to expand the depth of insiders regulation
Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Government forwarded by the Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau, the local Public Security Bureau, Supervision Bureau, the SASAC, the Financial Office jointly issued "on the strengthening of insider information management Shenzhen-listed company insider trading prevention and control work to do," which called Shenzhen various government departments to establish insider information and insider management system, conduct insiders registration.
As a pioneer and promoter of Insider Registration System, Shenzhen Bureau relevant person in charge, told reporters that the future will continue to expand the depth Insider regulation to establish three-dimensional integrated prevention and control of insider information management system, the formation Combat force, insider trading caused encirclement in which all enemies of the situation and achieve source control of insider trading from the system level.
Highlighting the detailed requirements encirclement trend (subtitled)
As implementation of the State Council, "forwarded the Commission and other departments to crack down on insider trading and the prevention and control of capital markets advice notice" of specific initiatives, the Shenzhen forwarded jointly below and other provinces and cities have issued similar documents, compared with more and more detailed requirements, first, the insider information management and discipline inspection and supervision work together, requires discipline inspection departments of the various government agencies responsible for developing and implementing specific insider management system. Second, within the scope of insider information "Securities Act" provides guidance made provisions. It is reported that, before some of the insiders of inside information about what is less clear, and this is one reason why illegal activities occur. Make specific guidance provisions help to increase awareness and avoid the ignorant violation notification. The third is to emphasize the government agencies, shareholders of listed companies with the obligation of information disclosure, not only significant information to be promptly and accurately inform the public company, while stressing the relevant units in the exercise of administrative responsibilities, you should use the principle of listed companies have disclosed information, in the absence of a clear legal basis for the case, may not require listed companies to provide inside information.
"We want to make insider information has become a hot potato, so that people without the legal basis of the case, to avoid all contact with the inside information." Shenzhen Bureau official said the reporter. In recent years, the executive requires listed companies inside information submitted phenomenon more and more, increasing the scope of insiders, the objective to increase the difficulty of prevention and control of insider trading, but with the legal system as a complete tight relying on the judiciary, the discipline inspection organs and other aspects of cooperation and coordination in the capital market will be the formation of encirclement of insider trading, the situation appears people cry.
Stereo Prevention crack "three difficult" situation (subtitled)
At present China's capital market is still in "emerging and transitional" special stage, insider trading is affecting the market healthy and effective in a large tumor, whereas common problem investigation also regulators of insider trading, the most prominent "investigation difficult to identify hard and chase blame". As the forefront of reform and opening up the capital base and market town, Shenzhen Bureau of insiders in regulation, prevention and control of insider trading in recent years done a lot of exploration and innovation. Back in 2006, the Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Commission requires listed companies in Shenzhen to strengthen the management of inside information, insider information insider registration and filing regularly to the council, in order to curb insider trading from the source to a useful attempt. In Shenzhen and other places for many years on a pilot basis, insiders registration system, as the State Council forwarded the five ministries highlights comments, beginning in the nationwide implementation.
Shenzhen Bureau relevant person in charge, told reporters that, with all sectors of society in the fight against insider trading a consensus has formed on insider trading encirclement, the future, the council will continue to expand the depth Insider regulation the establishment of three-dimensional prevention and control system, the presence of cracks insider trading "three difficult" problems.
The official said that the expansion of the insiders regulation depth, one implementation of corporate responsibility, requires listed companies to establish and strictly enforce the "insider information and insider management system," clearly recognized standards of insider information and insiders, confidentiality liability, insider information transfer process, insiders registration procedures, and promote listed companies to establish internal insider trading prevention and control mechanism. Second is to maintain deterrence supervision of listed companies Insider Registration integrity, authenticity spot checks, accountability, increase illegal insider information insider stock trading behavior of punishment. Third, actively promote the construction of insider trading prevention and control system integrated to form a prevention force, to achieve source control of insider trading from the system level. At present, the Shenzhen Bureau of Shenzhen City has established a state-controlled listed company supervision and coordination mechanism with the Shenzhen Municipal SASAC. March 2011, the Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau and Shenzhen Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Shenzhen Municipal Supervision Bureau jointly developed the "Shenzhen securities and futures industry anti-corruption work of the joint meeting of the Interim Provisions", established by the joint meeting of the study of a comprehensive prevention and control of insider trading mechanism.

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