State Council Of Sports Industry Promote Consumption

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State Council on Accelerating the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption
Guo Fa [2014] No. 46
Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, wagons, directly under the agency:
And the development of sports industry is to improve the physical fitness and health of the Chinese nation necessary requirement help meet people's diverse physical needs, protect and improve people's livelihood, and expand domestic demand, increase employment, and foster new economic growth point, there are conducive to carrying forward the national spirit, enhance national cohesion and cultural competitiveness. In recent years, the rapid development of China's sports industry, but the overall size is still small, energy is not strong, there are still some institutional mechanisms. To further accelerate the development of the sports industry, and promote sports consumption, now make the following observations.
First, the general requirements
(A) guiding ideology.
Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of "Three Represents", the scientific concept of development as guidance, to enhance people's health and improve health as a fundamental objective, emancipate the mind, deepen reform, innovation, stimulate vitality, give full play to the market in allocating resources decisive action and to put the government to speed up the formation of effective competition in the market structure, and actively expand the supply of sports goods and services, and promote the sports industry has become an important force for economic transformation and upgrading, promote mass sports and competitive sports-round development, accelerate the construction of sports power, continue to meet people's growing demand for sports.
(B) basic principles.
Persist in reform and innovation. Accelerate the transformation of government functions, further decentralization, reduce microscopic transaction management. Strengthen the planning, policy, standards, guidance, innovative services, strengthen market supervision, to create a competitive and orderly, equal participation in the market environment.
Play the role of the market. Follow the law of industrial development, improve the market mechanism, and actively foster pluralistic market players to attract social capital to participate fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the whole society to provide adaptation needs of the masses, a variety of products and services.
Promote healthy living. Establish a civilized and healthy lifestyle, promote the healthy sooner, healthy life, improve quality of life, stimulate the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in sports activities, promote the formation of a healthy concept of consumption and investment in the dynamic sports consumer market.
Creating conditions for development. Create emphasis on sports, sports support, sports participation in the social atmosphere of the fitness as a national strategy, the sports industry as a green industry, sunrise industry foster and support, get rid of trade barriers, clearing the policy barriers, the sports industry is conducive to the rapid development of policy system.
Focus on co-ordination. Based on the overall, balanced, give full play to the sports industry and sports benign interaction, the sports industry to promote the comprehensive development of the various categories and formats to promote mutual integration of the sports industry and other industries, industry and economic and social development of sports.
(Iii) development goals.
2025, basically to establish a rational layout, functional, complete range of sports industry system, sports products and services more abundant, the market mechanism has been improved, consumer demand increasingly strong, other industry leading role significantly, the sports industry total size of more than 5 trillion, promoting sustained economic and social development in an important force.
- Industrial system more perfect. Fitness and recreation, competition performance, venue services, agency training, sporting goods manufacturing and marketing of various categories of sports industry joint development, industrial organization and gathering mode is more abundant. Industrial structure is more reasonable, sports proportion in the sports industry significantly. Sports product and service levels more diverse, abundant supply.
- Industrial environment significantly optimized. Institutional mechanisms vibrant, more sound policies and regulations, standards and improve the scientific, standardized and efficient regulatory mechanisms, the main market integrity and self-discipline.
- More solid industrial base. Per capita sports area of two square meters, mass sports and significantly increased consumer awareness, sports per capita consumption expenditure significantly increased the number of regular physical exercise to reach 500 million, universal coverage of basic public services, sports.
Second, the main task
(A) innovative institutional mechanisms.
Further transform government functions. Comprehensive clean-up is not conducive to the development of the relevant provisions of the sports industry, the abolition of unreasonable administrative approval, where the law and regulations do not explicitly banned areas should be open to the public. Cancellation commercial and mass sports activities for approval, to speed up the comprehensive national and individual sports management system reform, public events organized catalog, actively introduce social capital hosting events through the market mechanism. Relevant government departments should actively for all types of sports events organized to provide services. Push administrative agency separate separating the separation of management and accelerate Sports Trade Association and the executive authorities decoupling, will resolve matters for public service and sports provided by social organizations, social organizations to bear by the sport.
Promoting Reform of Professional Sports. Broaden the channels for the development of professional sports, encourage qualified sports Professionalism, support coaches and athletes career development. Improve the institutional system of professional sports policies, expand professional sports community involvement, encourage the development of professional leagues, and gradually increase the maturity level of standardization and professional sports. Improve the corporate governance structure of professional sports club, to accelerate the construction of a modern enterprise system. Improvement League decision-making mechanism, give full play to the role of market players club.
Innovation stadiums operating mechanism. Actively promote the facility management system and operational mechanism innovation, introduction and use of modern enterprise system, to stimulate the vitality of the venue. Implementation of venue design, construction, operation and management integration model, and after the game will feature requires event Utilization combination. Venue operations management entities are encouraged to achieve large-scale, professional operation by brand output, output management, capital and other forms of output. Enhanced large sports stadium complex management capacity, expand service areas, extension of support services for optimum operational efficiency.
(Ii) to develop multiple subjects.
Encourage social forces to participate. Further optimize the market environment, improve policies and measures to accelerate the talent, capital flows and other factors to optimize the allocation of resources and other venues, the sports industry to enhance the attractiveness of social capital. Foster the development of multi-form and multi-level sports associations and intermediary organizations. Speed up the construction industry associations sports industry, give full play to the role of industry associations to guide sports, development of sports services, venue construction and other industries. Build sports trade show platform, run sporting goods, sports culture, sports and tourism fair.
Boot sports enterprises and stronger doing fine. Implementation of brand strategy, to build its own brand of well-known enterprises and international influence of a number of international competitiveness, support competitive enterprises, the advantages of brand and advantages of the project to "go out" to enhance the scale and level of trade in services. Support sports business development training, planning, consulting, brokerage, marketing. Encourage large health club chain operations across the region, to encourage large-scale sporting events fully market development, encourage large sporting goods manufacturing companies to increase R & D investment, to fully exploit the brand value. Enabling a group of SMEs with market potential.
(Iii) improve the industrial layout and structure.
Optimize the industrial layout. Local conditions to develop the sports industry, create a number of laws in line with the market, with the market competitiveness of sports industry base, the establishment of inter-regional co-development mechanism, the formation of east, central and western sports industry development pattern of positive interaction. Growth of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, the west side of Beijing, Tianjin and other sports industry cluster. Central and western regions make full use of rivers and lakes, mountains, deserts, grasslands, snow and other unique advantages of natural resources, the development of regional characteristics of the sports industry. Minority ethnic minority areas to support the development of sports industry specialties.
Improve the industrial structure. Further optimize the sports service industry, sporting goods industry and related industrial structure and improve its sports service industry. Strive to foster fitness and recreation, competition performance, venue services, sports training and other intermediary services, sports services quality project implementation, support local sports clubs to create a large number of excellent demonstration venues and brand events. Actively supports sporting goods manufacturing industry innovation and development of new technology, new materials, new technologies, to enhance the quality level of the traditional sporting goods, improving product technology content.
Grasp the potential of industry. Football, basketball, volleyball and three ball as the starting point, accelerate the development of wide popularity, high interest, big market space collective project to promote the industry to develop in depth. Develop long-term development planning and construction of venues and facilities planning for development is lagging behind the football program, to promote the campus football and football community. In winter sports and other special projects as a breakthrough, to promote and increase the popularity of fitness and recreation projects. Development of winter sports planning, and guide social forces to actively participate in building a number of winter sports venues to promote the prosperity and development of winter sports, the formation of new sports consumption hot spots.
(D) promote the integration of development.
Actively expanding format. Rich sports content industry to promote sports and pension services, cultural and creative design services, education and training, promotion of the development of sports tourism, sports media, sports exhibition, sports advertising, sports, television, and other related formats. Sports facilities as the carrier, to build the city sports complex services, promote sports and residential, leisure and commercial complex developers.
Promote sports combined. Strengthen sports guidance, to promote the "exercise prescription" play physical activity in disease prevention and health promotion of an active role. Develop sports medicine and rehabilitation medicine, and actively develop sports rehabilitation technology, encourage social capital to set up sports, physical measurements and sports rehabilitation and other institutions. Features play the role of Chinese medicine in sports rehabilitation and fitness advice and advocacy for the conditioning and other services.
Encourage interaction facility. To support the financial, real estate, construction, transportation, manufacturing, information, food and drug companies to develop the field of sports products and services. Encourage wearable sports equipment, sports and fitness guidance technology and equipment, sports energy drinks, nutritional health food and drug development, and manufacturing marketing. Developed in areas where conditions permit special plan to guide the development of outdoor camp, hiking riding service stations, car camping camp, aviation camp, boat docks and other facilities.
(V) abundant market supply.
Improve sports facilities. Governments at all levels in conjunction with the overall planning of urban development construction of sports facilities, stadiums reasonable sized distribution layout, focusing on building a number of convenience and benefit of the public fitness centers, outdoor multi-purpose courts, fitness trails and other venues and facilities. Revitalize the stock resources, the transformation of old factories, warehouses, old commercial facilities for physical fitness. Encourage social forces the construction of small-scale, diversified activities venues and fitness facilities, government purchase of services, etc. to support it. Urban Community Construction 15 minutes fitness circle, the new community sports facilities coverage to 100%. Promote the implementation of Farmer Fitness Project in the towns, villages realization of public sports and fitness facilities 100% coverage.
Fitness and leisure development projects. Support the development of fitness running, vigorous walking, cycling, water sports, mountain climbing, shooting, archery, equestrian, aviation, and other extreme sports loved by the masses and there is room for development projects. Encourage local development based on local natural and cultural resources featured sports industry, to promote martial arts, dragon boat, dragon and lion dances and other traditional sports, traditional sports events to support the development of ethnic minorities, to encourage the development of recreational sports for the elderly characteristics of the project.
Rich sporting events. In competitive performance industry, vigorously develop multi-level, diverse types of sporting events. Promote the development of professional events, create a number of attractive international, regional brand events. Rich amateur sporting events in the various regions and government agencies and organizations, enterprises, institutions, schools and other units are widely held various sports competitions and guide social forces to support sports and other social organizations organized mass sporting events. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with international sports organizations, professional organizations, and actively introduce international quality competitions.
(F) to create a fitness atmosphere.
Encourage daily fitness activities. Government agencies, enterprises, social organizations, schools, etc. should be implemented between workers, between classes and other fitness regime, promote fitness an hour a day. Units are encouraged to create the conditions for workers health. Organize the implementation of the "National Standards for Physical Exercise." Improve the national physique monitoring system to provide people with physical testing services, regularly publish national physique monitoring report. Effectively protect the primary and secondary schools physical education class, students are encouraged to implement extracurricular sports activities planned to promote Juvenile Sports and Hobbies, master a more athletic skills to ensure that students intramural sports no less than an hour a day.
Promote the use of open venues and facilities. Actively promoting various types of public sports facilities open to all levels of free or low cost. Accelerate enterprises and other sports facilities open to the public. School stadiums spare time want to open students, and take effective measures to strengthen security, accelerate the promotion of school sports facilities open to the public, will be open regularly to the public. Peasants Sports Fitness Project to improve facilities utilization.
Strengthening Physical Culture. All levels and types of media to open up the topic column, universal health knowledge, to promote its health effects, and actively guide the masses to cultivate sports consumption concept, to develop sports consumption habits. Actively supports a variety of sports theme artistic creation, promotion of sports culture. Carry forward the Olympic spirit and the Chinese sports spirit, practice the socialist core values.
Third, policies and measures
(A) efforts to attract social investment.
Encourage social capital to enter the sports industry, the construction of sports facilities, the development of sports products and sports services provided. The sports industry to further expand investment and financing channels, support qualified sports products, services and other enterprise market, support qualified enterprises to issue corporate bonds, corporate bonds, short-term financing bills, medium-term notes, SMEs and SME private debt collection notes and other non financial corporate debt financing instruments. To encourage all types of financial institutions in risk control, and actively develop a sustainable business based on new products, develop new business and increase sports for small and medium micro enterprises credit varieties. Support the expansion of opening up and encouraging foreign capital investment in the sports industry. Promotion and use of government cooperation and social capital and other models, to attract social capital to participate in the development of the sports industry. Government guidance, established by the social capital financing of Sports Industry Investment Fund. Areas where conditions permit may establish special funds for sports development, to meet the requirements of enterprises, social organizations give the project grants, loans, interest subsidies and incentives. Encourage insurance companies to focus on fitness and recreation, competition performance, venue services, outdoor sports and other needs to diversify the insurance products.
(Ii) improve the health of consumer policy.
Governments at all levels to fitness funding included in the budget, and to maintain and economic growth to adapt. To increase investment, investment support arrangements for the construction of sports facilities. To arrange a certain proportion of sports lottery and other financial resources, government procurement of services through a variety of ways to actively support the masses of consumer health, encouraging public sports facilities free or low-cost open guide business entities providing public welfare mass sports services. Encourage and guide enterprises, schools, personal injury class buy sports insurance. Further research to encourage people to exercise consumer policies.
(Iii) improve the tax pricing policy.
Give full consideration to the characteristics of the sports industry, the sports services, goods manufacturing etc. and its supporting technology into high-tech fields supported by the state of high-tech enterprises accredited sports enterprises, reduced rate of 15% corporate income tax. Sports organizations providing social services, non-profit organization accredited to achieve enterprise income tax exemption qualifications, shall enjoy the relevant preferential policies. Sports business advertising expenses were in conformity with the conditions, in line with the tax law can be deducted before tax. Implementation of qualified sports business creativity and design costs plus tax deduction policies. Engaged in the implementation of corporate culture and sports at the rate of 3% sales tax levied. Encourage businesses to donate sports apparel, equipment and equipment to support the poor and rural areas of sports development, in line with the tax laws and regulations to the conditions of the donation of sports, in accordance with the relevant provisions of deduction when calculating taxable income. Stadiums use real estate and land, can enjoy about property tax and urban land use tax concessions. Stadiums and other fitness facilities, water, electricity, gas, heat price is not higher than the general industry standards.
(D) improve the planning and land policies.
To sports facilities around the sites in the urban and rural planning, land use planning and annual land use plans, reasonable arrangements demand for land. New residential areas and supporting community according to the relevant standards of the masses fitness-related facilities, according to Interior capita floor area of not less than 0.1 square meters or outdoor space not less than 0.3 square meters per capita execution, and synchronized with the main residential project, simultaneous construction synchronization put into use. Where the old town and residential areas have been built without the masses fitness facilities or existing facilities did not meet the requirements of the planning and construction of indicators, to be perfected through the transformation of a variety of ways. Make full use of country parks, city parks, public green spaces and other construction and vacant urban mass sports facilities. Encourage grassroots community cultural and sports facilities sharing. Support enterprises in the old town and residential areas have been completed, the unit using the original allocation made in real estate and the stock of land for construction in developing sports facilities, non-profit sports facilities project directory in line with the allocation of land allocation may continue to use the land; not meet allocation of land business directory sports facilities projects, continuous operation may take more than one year agreement to sell the land the way to handle the formalities.
(V) to improve personnel training and employment policies.
Encourage qualified institutions of higher learning to establish professional sports industry, sports management focus on training, creative design, research, brokerage and other professionals. Encourage multi-input, carry out various types of vocational education and training, strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, multi-channel composite culture sports industry professionals, retired athletes receiving support reemployment training. Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in the sports industry personnel training, to strengthen the theory of the sports industry, sports industry research think tank established. Improve the government, employers and society complementary multi-level personnel incentive system, the creative design, independent research and development, management and other personnel to reward and funding. Strengthen business incubator, the study of innovation and entrepreneurship policies. Retired athletes are encouraged to work in the sports industry. Encourages the streets, communities hire professionals engaged in mass sports fitness guidance.
(Vi) improve the development and protection of intangible assets and innovation-driven policy.
By title, cooperation, sponsorship, advertising, and other forms of franchising, to enhance the development of sports organizations, sports venues, sports activities and names, logos and other intangible assets, intangible assets to enhance the creation, use, protection and management. Strengthen sports brand building, promotion of sports enterprises to implement trademark strategy, development of high-tech sports products have independent intellectual property rights, improve value-added products and enhance market competitiveness. Promoting physical and derivatives creative design and development, promote the development of related industries. Full use of existing scientific and technological resources, improve scientific research platform system sports industries, strengthen research and development centers, engineering and technology research center and other construction. Support syndication colleges and universities, scientific research institutions to establish collaborative innovation mechanism, the construction of industrial technology innovation and strategic alliances. Support qualified enterprises, assumed the lead sports science and technology plans (special fund) and other research projects. Improve sports technology transformation mechanism, strengthening of intellectual property use and protection, and promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.
(Vii) optimization market environment.
Study the establishment of the sports industry resource trading platform, innovative market operation mechanism, promote the right to host the tournament, event broadcast rights, player transfer rights, development and other intangible assets with trading conditions resource fair, just and open flow. According to market principles established sports broadcasting income distribution mechanism to promote common development of multi-stakeholder body. Race broadcast rights to relax restrictions, other various domestic and international sports events in addition to the Olympic Games, Asian Games, World Cup outside, the television can be purchased or transferred directly. Strengthen security service management, improve sports standards and activities of security services, and actively promote the social security services, and further promote fair competition, reduce the cost of events and activities.
Fourth, organization and implementation
(A) improve the working mechanism.
To develop the sports industry around the promote sports consumption into the national economic and social development planning, into the government agenda, the establishment of development and reform, sports and other multi-sectoral coordination mechanism Sports Industry Cooperation. All relevant departments should strengthen communication and coordination, in close coordination and cooperation, a joint effort to analyze the situation and problems in development of sports industry, research policies and measures to promote the development of the sports industry, sports industry to seriously implement the relevant mission requirements. Select the characteristic representative and regional projects, the establishment of points of contact mechanisms to track industrial development, summed up the dissemination of successful experiences and practices.
(Ii) strengthen sector management.
The sports industry to improve relevant laws and regulations, expedite the implementation of the revised "People's Republic of China Sports Law", clean up and reform and repeal does not meet the requirements of the rules and regulations. Improve sports and related industries classification criteria and statistical systems. The establishment of evaluation and monitoring mechanism to release the sports industry research report. Vigorously promote the standardization of the sports industry, sports industry in China to improve the level of standardization. Strengthening international cooperation and exchanges in sports industry. Enrich the sports industry work force. Strengthen sports organizations, sports enterprises integrity of the building, employees, and strengthen competitive style tournament discipline construction.
(C) to strengthen supervision implemented.
All localities and departments concerned according to the requirements of the present observations, combined with the actual situation, pay close attention to develop specific implementation advice and supporting documents. Development and Reform Commission, General Administration of Sport together with relevant departments on the implementation of the present situation of the supervision and inspection observations and track and analyze major issues promptly report to the State Council.
State council
October 2, 2014
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