Listed Companies Incoming Sports Industry Recount

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Listed Companies incoming sports industry recount
2014-09-04 Source: Shanghai Securities News Analysis: ⊙ correspondent ○ edit Ruan Qi Qi Peas
⊙ correspondent ○ edit Ruan Qi Qi Peas
Almost overnight, the sports industry has become an industrial policy dividend release window.
Following the Ministry of Finance on the 2nd release adjustment Sports Lottery quiz rules concern the sports industry reform policy yesterday landing. Premier Li Keqiang at the State Council executive meeting held on 2 May proposed to persist in reform and innovation, greater reliance on market forces to accelerate the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption, promoting public health.
On capital markets, with sports and cultural industries to flourish, there are dozens of listed companies have the layout of the sports industry, from sports operators, live events to various segments of the sports lottery, sports shoes, etc., a huge sports industry open space is accelerating.
Sports industry welcome bonus policy
2 Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, study and improve budget revenue and expenditure management to promote the views of the relevant specifications transparent deployment to accelerate the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption promoting public health. Li pointed out that the development of the sports industry, increase the supply of sports product and service, both to enhance people's health, protect and improve people's livelihood, to stimulate consumption, expanding domestic demand and employment, foster new economic growth points, it is also important. To persist in reform and innovation, greater reliance on market forces to accelerate the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption, promoting public health.
The sports industry reform from three aspects, to a decentralization, put the tube combination of canceled sports events and mass approvals, relaxing event broadcast rights restrictions, the maximum for the enterprise "relaxation." Promoting the reform of professional sports, encourage the development of professional league, so that a variety of sports resources, "live", to adapt to people's diverse and personalized fitness needs. Second, we must make an inventory, make good use of existing sports facilities, and actively promote public sports facilities open to the public, to better serve the masses while increasing self-operational capability. Improve taxation, pricing, planning and land policies, and actively support the social forces to run for public sports and fitness venues facilities. Third, we must optimize the market environment to support sports business grow. Accelerate professional training. Promote physical fitness and health, and cultural integration and development, to develop sports tourism, sports rehabilitation and fitness training, sports services. Let the people of the sports industry strong physique, power consumption so that the public health Economic and Social Development.
In fact, in recent years, the sports industry continue to receive strong support and guidance of national policy. In 2010, SCS fabric "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the development of sports industry," the sports industry will be introduced into the national strategic system, to establish its important role in national economic development. In 2011, the State Sports General Administration issued a "sports industry" second five "plan" clearly put forward for the first time quantitative indicators: "Twelve Five" during the sports industry was at an average annual growth rate of more than 15%, to the "Twelve Five "That is the end of 2015, the sports industry was more than 400 billion yuan, accounting for GDP exceeds 0.7%, employing more than 4 million, the sports industry has become an important economic growth point.
It is understood that, in the global sports industry added value of 800 billion US dollars, of which US sports industry added value of nearly $ 300 billion for the EU 400 billion euros, accounting for the proportion of their GDP respectively 3% and 4%. In contrast, China's sports industry in 2013 accounted for only 0.6% of GDP. Visible contrast, the domestic sports industry development huge potential to support the national economy has yet to be further developed.
Listed companies to accelerate Sports "competitive"
In support of the industrial policy, the reform dividend, the capital markets, in fact, has already set off a storm of competitive sports industries in the area. According to the reporter, in addition to the industry body, Nobutaka Industries, Pathfinder and other main sports listed companies, Zhejiang newspaper media, music Watch and other cultural industries also have been involved in the sports industry, variety of shares, Gao Hong shares, People , dozens of companies to enter the sports arena by lottery business.
Directly controlled by the State Sports General Administration of China Sports Industry is China's sports industry's largest joint-stock enterprises, the company said it will use the opportunity to develop the country's sports industry, sports industry focus on 1-2 iconic projects to support and build a few a world-class sporting events, and actively explore new projects sports industry.
Main Lehman photoelectric LED device will look aimed at the commercial sports. The company in 2011 signed a cooperation agreement with the super, the company will enjoy the "China Football Association awarded strategic partner," the title and associated rights, became the only partner company Super LED equipment manufacturing category, cooperation period to December 2016.
It is worth mentioning that, in addition to sports management operations, business and sports business, sports lottery business has become a listed company among the sports industry fast track. In addition to Hong Bo shares earlier layout, Anne shares, Gao Hong shares, Music Watch, great wisdom, Jinya technology, network technology along, Guangdong media, People and other companies are involved in varying degrees, the Internet lottery.
The Ministry of Finance recently released sports lottery quiz adjustment rule, is the industry that is reflected at the national level, especially in China's lottery industry Lottery industry major innovation recognized.
"With the strong support of lifting the per capita disposable income, growing awareness of fitness and policies, the sports industry will usher in an unprecedented development opportunity." A sports industry researcher said.

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