"Shenzhen Special Economic Zone To Promote Fitness Regulations"

Updated date:2014/8/29 11:57:55

Next year January 1 implementation of the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone to promote fitness regulations"
The public can brush Medicare card consumer Fitness
Li Shuyu
■ Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reporter Li Shuyu
Fitness gyms to consumption, brush Medicare card to checkout. Yesterday, the Municipal People's Congress at its thirty-fifth meeting adopted the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone to promote fitness regulations" to bring this good news. The "Regulations" will be officially implemented on January 1 next year.
Stadiums engage in real estate development is also an offense to show
Go fitness, you can always find a place. This is a problem faced by many people. For sports facilities problem of insufficient supply, the "Regulations" requires stadiums financial capital construction should be in the National Fitness Day, the public long-distance day open free to the public, encourage venues social investment funds free and open to the public, the Government can provide appropriate subsidies, Preferential procurement its stadiums way be encouraged.
Apart from the repair, maintenance, training and other factors outside the closed stadiums financial capital construction shall be open to the public year-round, no less than 56 hours a week open. Otherwise, the relevant management units will eat 20,000 yuan ticket.
In addition, in the future engage in stadiums auto, real estate development and other activities are also an offense. "Regulations" prohibit funds construction of sports stadiums in the body portion and sports unrelated business projects. Otherwise, confiscate the illegal income and impose a fine equal to the illegal income.
Stadiums deal with student discount fee
Stadiums how to charge is also an issue of public concern. "Regulations", the financial capital investment and construction of the stadium, gymnasium and other fitness venues offer an open service, you may be appropriately charged. Charging items and standards approved by the management unit reporting to the pricing authorities, and be publicized. Fee income should be used for routine maintenance of facilities, maintenance and insurance, management, shall be used.
However, these venues should preferential subscription services for students, military personnel, the elderly and the disabled.
Primary and Secondary stadiums would like to open to the public
The school has a large number of sports facilities and resources more evenly distributed, open school sports facilities, is an effective way to solve the Shenzhen public sports facilities, inadequate supply. "Regulations" on the basis of existing practices are summarized on the city's school sports facilities open, clear non-boarding public schools to implement open stadiums, stadium opening hours on weekdays other than teaching time, and not less than two hours a day, weekend school summer vacation, statutory holidays during the opening hours of a day less than 8 hours, the opening hours of the gym by the school self-determined. At the same time, to encourage private schools also open stadiums.
However, the facilities and swimming pool exclusive use of students under 14 years of age are not included in the open range. Minors under 14 years of age in the use of school sports facilities, shall be accompanied by a guardian.
Medicare card can be used for fitness consumption
Medicare card can be used for fitness consumption, which is a major highlight of the "Regulations". On public health insurance personal account balance reaches a year in the city last year the average wage of workers is five percent, ten percent of the balance can be used for personal health spending.
Reporters estimated that last year, the city's average wage of workers in the post of 62,619 yuan, or about 5% of 3130 yuan. The amount available for health spending is 313 yuan. However, with changes in the city's employee pay levels, health brush Medicare card consumption threshold amount is a dynamic process of adjustment.
Municipal People's Congress responsible person believes that this is a useful approach: the more often you participate in fitness activities, the body more healthy, it will save the limited medical resources.

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