Shenzhen Life And Health Industry Cluster Development

Updated date:2014/2/6 上午 11:56:50
Shenzhen life and health industry cluster development
With a complete industrial chain of about 30 billion yuan industrial scale
(Source: Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reporter Yang Jing as February 6, 2014) by virtue of innovation, Shenzhen emerged in recent years a number of areas of life and health industry leaders, build Shenzhen life and health industry a solid "base" to speed up make up the city's medical service in the short board, boost health care industry as a whole "turn overtaking." Recently, this reporter learned from the Development and Reform Commission, Shenzhen, life and health industry with a complete industrial chain, has a strong competitive edge, high market share of the business, initially formed cluster effect. Last year, the city's life and health industry size of about 30 billion yuan.
By the end of 2013, the city passed the "life Shenzhen Health Industry Development Plan (2013- 2020)," life and health industry will become the future of Shenzhen industry and new economic growth point. The life planning information, high-end medicine, health management, rehabilitation care, health care, fitness and leisure, and other six areas as the focus of future development of the life and health industry, in seize the economic development and consumption upgrade industry new opportunities brought about the same time, to create "the world's major life and health industry base, the world's leading life information service center, a well-known new medical and health services and leisure centers."
Reporters learned that the life and health industry in Shenzhen has a complete industrial chain, life information, high-end medical and other fields, many industry leaders. Among them, BGI has become the world's largest genome research and technology services to build the world's largest genome sequencing service centers and research centers genome sequencing capability with its new generation of ultra-large-scale computing bioinformatics analytical capability in the world; North Branch creatures individualized patient care, to health technology in interventional medical field, we have global competitiveness. In addition, we roll together, healthy yuan, the first health and fitness in the Air will be other companies in their respective fields but also in the country leading position.
At present, Shenzhen has formed in the field of life and health agglomeration effect, in high-tech zone, has formed a relatively complete "bio tribe": biomedical companies with multiple leading China Inconel, Siemens; NDRC as the first three national biodiversity one of the industrial base, Pingshan national biological industry base currently attracted a total of more than 30 enterprises, enterprises settled a total investment of over 10 billion yuan, the output value of 1.914 billion yuan in the first half of 2013.
According to the introduction of the end of 2013, "Shenzhen International Biovalley overall development plan" in order to dam the light at the core promoter region, geographical area covering the eastern coast of Mirs, biological and Pingshan Yantian Valley area will become the city's comprehensive development of life and health carrier. Among them, the National Gene Bank based in Shenzhen role in supporting industry increasingly prominent, when completed, to achieve 30 million copies of the traceability of biological sample storage capacity, will become a world-class genetic sample library, repository.
Meanwhile, in recent years, relying on the Shenzhen to accelerate innovation in the source layout, Shenzhen strong life and health industry innovation ability, by the end of 2013, in the city's life and health-related fields, has a wide range of innovative carrier 208 levels. And the initial establishment of the Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Graduate School of Peking University, Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Beijing Genomics Institute and other universities and research institutions as the main life science research and technology development support system.

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