Integrated Child Literacy Education Focusing On Implementation

Updated date:2014/1/21 11:54:36
"Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the comprehensive quality of students training" lead parents, teachers hot:
Integrated child literacy education focusing on implementation
Shenzhen Special Zone Daily News (Reporter Zhang Yan Ting Yao Zhuowen) issued guidance to the city will enhance the comprehensive quality of students has just released the news, immediately attracted a lot of parents and school teachers of discussion, a lot of teachers think that "opinions" put forward 8 aspect literacy requires both comprehensive and specific, giving a fresh feel. And parents are hoping that the "opinions" should not only remain on paper, but should be implemented in the student body, or is only "looks beautiful" work.
Crest Middle School Ding Guanghui teachers believe that the "opinions" moral literacy will increase the operational primacy, first mentioned in foster reform and opening up, innovation and entrepreneurship, hard work and dedication, caring and inclusive spirit of Shenzhen, applauded. He said, "innovation is our city of Shenzhen this open root and soul, take the lead and encourage innovation, tolerance of failure is the Shenzhen people ingrained. Shenzhen, the first and second generations of pioneers who share this flowing blood, of course, should be allowed to inherit the Shenzhen teenagers generations. "in a particular aspect of the evaluation system, Ding hopes competent authorities issued specific operational curriculum, assessment program in how to train young people of this accomplishment, and so on.
"This opinion gives more specific guidance for each school are pushing the quality of education." Parents Tianrui Fang carefully read the "opinions" of the main content, together with a careful analysis of reporters, "such as primary school curriculum should favor the habit develop, happy reading, junior high school focuses on adolescent education, high school is biased in favor of a sound personality, sense of social responsibility, which are in line with the growth stage of the child's characteristics. "
Content "" opinions "of both comprehensive and specific, but let the" opinions "or on the effective implementation of the key." Bao'an District, Coastal Primary School parents Guo Hong said, "Our quality of education has been calling for many years, but the actual effect is not always satisfactory, I hope the introduction of the "opinion" is not just looks beautiful. "
Guo Hong also noted that, in order to protect students comprehensive literacy promotion, the "Opinions" also suggested that the evaluation system through the establishment of sunlight practices. "So that parents can see their children's physical and mental development, is a good idea." Guo Hongxi hope this sun-evaluation system can play a greater role, to replace the existing "to student achievement and graduation rates" to evaluate student and school practices, which will train students' comprehensive literacy play an effective role in promoting.

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