Nobutaka Industrial Recover 4.55 million Debt Increased Profits

Updated date:2013/12/31 11:49:06

Nobutaka Industrial recover 4.55 million yuan loan debt increased profits Pre-3410000 2013 Nian 12 Yue 27 Ri 12:53 Securities Times Online
(002,105) December 27 afternoon announcement, the company on December 26 due to the bank account verification and related information that, in accordance with the approved implementation of the "Shenzhen China Bicycle Company (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (* ST China A, Code 000017) restructuring plan ", ShenChina part of the land has been a successful auction, the company acquired its first principal and interest total allocated funds 4.5572 million yuan was December 25, 2013 into the company account.
The amount of trade receivables debt collection accounts audited 2012 annual net profit attributable to equity holders of 25,287,300 yuan of 18.02%.
Nobutaka Industry said that as in previous years the company has been fully written off ShenChina accounts receivable, income tax increase will affect the company's 2013 annual profit of 3.4179 million yuan this trade receivables debt recovery amount deducted from the final amount of accounting profit impact registered accountants results of the annual audit confirmed subject.

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