Shen China Bankruptcy lndustrial Eligible For Compensation
4.55 Million Old Debts

Updated date:2013/12/31 11:48:21

ShenChina bankruptcy reorganization Nobutaka Industrial eligible for compensation 4.55 million old debts 2013 Nian 12 Yue 27 Ri 13:13 Corner Jiang Qiong China Securities Network
Nobutaka Industry 27 noon announcement, according to the "Shenzhen China Bicycle Company (Holdings) Co., Ltd. reorganization plan" approved the implementation of the deep part of the land has been successful Chinese auction company received its first allocation of funds 4.5572 million yuan in total principal and interest has on December 25 into the company account. The amount of trade receivables debt collection company's net profit last year, accounting for 18.02%, net of tax will increase the company's 2013 annual profit 3.4179 million yuan.
It is reported that since the company between November 30, 1995 until October 1998 and 9 May delivery times to the deep China, is Shen China defaulted loans totaling HK $ 6.9105 million yuan. China shut down for many years due to deep and serious insolvent, the company in 2000 (prior to restructuring the company shares) have applied it is owed money for bad treatment. ShenChina October 25, 2012 by the Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court ruled that the restructuring, according to Shen China confirmed case of debt restructuring table, trade receivables debt for the company owned 9,659,300 yuan.

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