Strengthening National Security Red Awareness, Build Community

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Strengthen the national security            awareness of the red line, strengthen                 security rule of law 

  Ensuring safe production and                     building safe community

--------Longhua office 2015 annual safety knowledge contest finals event

Longhua plant / Safety Committee: Cheng Zhijun

Shenzhen city Longhua District Longhua street safety supervision office on June 26, 2015 in Longhua Central Primary School held a "Longhua office 2015 annual safety knowledge contest finals".

HL Corp industry team on behalf of the Dragon King in the community, full of confidence and enthusiasm, participated in the auditions, semi-finals and finals. Finally won second of the good results, to the Dragon King community honor, won the Longhua Street Party Working Committee on safety supervision and management of industrial Nobutaka collective praise.

In accordance with the instructions of the streets of Longhua safety committee, Longhua street safety supervision office of careful planning for the implementation of the annual "safety production month" activities, the Dragon King community selection team selected enterprises our company 3 players Zhang Xiaofeng, Zhang Yuan Bing and Cheng Zhijun in safety knowledge contest. In the street, a total of 11 teams selected, after a comprehensive knowledge of the written examination, the elimination of the 3 teams, the other 8 teams into the semi-finals. In the semi-final, our team won third place in Longhua street, so as to get the final.

June 26, 2015 9, in the Longhua central primary school auditorium, officially kicked off the final, from the community to participate in the finals of the 5 teams.

The safety knowledge contest were carefully arranged, content rich, diverse topics. The game is divided into bidati, grab answer questions and find video error risk four rounds. During the period, organizers also prepared a prize competition for the audience, the audience eager to answer, on stage and enthusiastic interaction.

In the guidance of the host and the team led by five teams, each team consists of a team leader and three members, all dress uniform; in fine fig excitement, accompanied by music, background, in the final scene. 9:40, accompanied by the announcement of the host, opened the prelude to safety knowledge contest.

The final, each team has the strength of the cheerleaders, magnificent battle, teams will be the final overbearing, the atmosphere to a climax.

The final four rounds, will answer, grab answer, find errors and risk problem, each round, by security experts to deliberate, carefully crafted, with very strong logic and enlightening, covering the final production safety laws and regulations, the company safety production management system, production safety case etc.. In the form, this competition has also achieved innovation, each team players through the computer to choose the answer number, in the embodiment of fairness and justice, but also to show the hard power of the contestants.

The first round will answer, is to verify the safety of each member of the team to master the basic knowledge of the degree, the problem is relatively simple. As long as the usual more intentions, pay more attention to, when the answer is clear, easy to score 50 points in the bag.

The second round; grab the answer, the key is to grab the word. In addition to this kind of problem will answer, but in the use of responder, demanding. The enthusiasm of the players is very high, but there are two Taiwan two violations 40 points deducted "tragedy", the first 7 questions our players are not grab, the eighth question finally scored 20 points. After two rounds of my team with 290 points behind in second。

Third; risk problem, and there are three types of 10 to 30 points. When the team behind in the first choice for 20 points, our team the courage to struggle, dare to challenge high risk item 30, and the final answer, tied for second with 320 points.

The fourth round of video; find the wrong question, is to test the players usually found hidden safety inspection ability. Just in 90 seconds, the teams should be watching a video while recording, eventually averaged 40 points. After the four round, my team and the team on behalf of the two teams tied for a total of 360 points, with a total of second. According to the rules of the 3 team playoff rushing to answer yijuegaoxia, as host of "please answer" Carter, I press the key players Zhang Xiaofeng, won the answer right, and the right to get 5 points.

Through the four round of fierce competition, the company's three players: Zhang Xiaofeng, Cheng Zhijun,, to carry forward the spirit of courage to fight the fear of competition, won the Longhua street safety knowledge contest, the third. On behalf of the streets of Longhua to participate in the Longhua New District security knowledge finals.

Through the competition of safety knowledge, participants and spectators are subject to a vivid safety education, to ensure the efficacy of knowledge competition, to achieve the purpose of competitive learning, strengthen safety awareness, to create a "red line" "everyone learning safe, everyone how safe, everyone pay attention to safety, good atmosphere".

This activity is an important part of a series of activities of production safety, in the critical moment of the company production safety standard, to create a good atmosphere of safety, promote safe production rules and regulations, improve the level of safety management company. Street Party committee secretary Lai in the activities after the end of the speech, spoke highly of far-reaching significance and important influence of the activities organized by the Secretary repeatedly stressed that the production safety is the cornerstone of enterprise development, production safety work to the staff responsible, responsible for the business, do a solid job in the work, to do the "Five Principles" "five upgrade". The first is to adhere to the "responsibility", and constantly improve the concerted efforts; the two is to adhere to the "prevention", and constantly improve the essential safety; three is to adhere to the "center of gravity", and constantly improve the level of grassroots foundation; four is to adhere to the "rule of law", and constantly improve the supervisory capacity; the five is to adhere to the "science and education Xingan", and constantly improve the consensus of safe development. Safety production planning activities in various forms, to guide the staff keep safe production responsibility weightier than Mount Tai always strive to the production safety accidents, "zero" target.

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