Strengthen National Security Awareness Of Red Line Promote
Establishment Of Community

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Strengthen the national security awareness of the red line to promote the establishment of the national security community in Longhua

——Longhua Office of 2014 "to promote safe community safety knowledge contest grand Cup"

Correspondent: Longhua plant safety committee Cheng Zhijun

Shenzhen city Longhua District Longhua street safety supervision department on June 17, 2014 in Longhua Central Primary School held the "2014 security community cup safety knowledge contest". Xinlong industry team full of confidence in the company security officer ho Tao Commissioner under the leadership, full of enthusiasm to participate in this competition, eventually won third prize (prize) excellent performance, hold back the trophy!
Do safety supervision departments in the streets of Longhua by planning, by the office of Longhua, the community representatives and representatives of enterprises is the formation of the nine teams to participate in safety knowledge contest this time. Each team consists of a team leader and three members, team members all dress uniform, with excitement, in fine fig, background music, in the guidance of the host team and led nine teams in order to. 14:20 points, with the announcement of the host, opened the prelude to the knowledge contest activities.

The competition is divided into three rounds, respectively, will answer, grab the answer and risk. Each stage of the set, are all considered security experts in Longhua office administration, has a certain logic and enlightening.

The first round: the answer will be verified each participating personnel mastery of the basic knowledge of the subject is relatively simple, as long as usual in terms of security more attention to stay point meaning, can understand the knowledge points in the answer, relax, clear thinking, want to look good, with extreme ease scores.

The second round: grab the answer, the key word is grab word. This kind of problem test players using responder, accurately grasp the degree of time, rely on keen perception to get scores. In the inspection of security risks, also need a keen insight and judgment, at the right time to make the right choice. Sometimes miss the best time, will lead to be unbearable to contemplate the tragedy.

The third round: risk problem, with great challenges, encourage the staff to work hard and strive to forge ahead. As the name implies, there is a certain risk.

The first round of the answer, the letter long company team scored 280 points, tied for the second. The second round of the most intense stimulation, the interpretation of a "flame war", open up a fresh outlook that is long letter on behalf of the team, the answer is too eager, suffered heavy penalties for violations of forty scores. "Pulling seedlings" can not "encourage" at the moment fully embodies the most vividly. This time, however, the error inspired the team members, urged the players in the future work to deal with security issues, to be appropriate. The third round of the risk problem, the score is high, more attractive. Xinlong team won the title in the risk score, but illegal penalty score affected.

The event has a health colored, we have mastered the safety knowledge, stimulate the learning of safety knowledge. Through this event to promote the Longhua office to promote the creation of a safe community activities prelude to better strengthen the national security awareness of the red line, to promote the establishment of the national security community in Longhua.

17:00, the host announced the results of the competition, won the first place is the Dragon Garden community team, second Foxconn team, Nobutaka team won third (first prize), holding the trophy with the Longhua Office of the leadership with pictures, sound of joy in the end of this meaningful safety knowledge contest.

Although the game has ended, the players in lifting the trophy, more clearly know, are shouldering the safety management of workers, the responsibility and obligation of the future will be more dedicated to the safety management and supervision work, for health and safety escort Nobutaka staff.

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