HL CORP(TIANJIN), Ltd. The First Team Riding

Updated date:2015/5/24 下午 12:04:51

HL CORP(TIANJIN), Ltd. The First Team Riding

Tianjin / human resources: Feng Suwei

    "To create a healthy and happy life for human beings." In order to enrich the employees' leisure life, show the staff team spirit, in July 2014 organized the first session of the Tianjin globechemi riding activities, after the establishment of the team is scheduled to be held every Sunday morning ride, the staff will attend, joined the staff more than fifty, this event is equipped with a safety car (water, fruit, food, etc.), and tire repair tools for every rider to buy accident insurance, and by the union director responsible for every Sunday route survey, then route planning announced in Tianjin Xinlong cycling team official WeChat group "to inform you.
Every Sunday morning 5:30 players dress riding clothes, riding riding and riding helmet scarf, gloves and other equipment, a walk in the king in fine fig, deputy general manager, financial department, under the guidance of the leadership: Tuanbo Health Industrial Park, Jinghai riding double pond Vera manor rural leisure health riding, Phoenix Palace, double pond Ziya environmental protection industrial park, Tuanbo wetland Gu sightseeing and leisure riding, the hometown of Huo Yuanjia Jingwu town limits endurance challenge riding, Xiqing country park riding ring around Jinghai riding, short round-trip mileage 35 km, 67 km long.
Cycling is a sport healthy and natural tourism, simple environmental protection, not only can fully enjoy the beauty of the riding process, but also physical fitness, willpower, teamwork force. The team is a kind of impetus to the progress of people, like riding, even if the process is very tired, it is inevitable to stop and push it forward the idea, but do not insist on being thrown away very far away. Each ride we all have a clear goal, in order to achieve our goal, we must be fully prepared mentally and physically, and then concentrate and be absorbed in the forge ahead towards this goal; riding team as a microcosm of Tianjin long letter to the company, is the leading leader, led every the members of forward, even if it is difficult and dangerous, but as long as the direction is right, you will be able to reach the shore of success.

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