Notice of the convening of the 2015 Second Extraordinary General Meeting

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Stock Code: 002 105 securities referred to: Nobutaka Industry Announcement Number: 2015-030


Notice of the convening of the 2015 Second Extraordinary General Meeting

The Company and all members of the Board to ensure that the information disclosed is true, accurate, complete, not false, misleading statements or material omissions.

The  HL CORP(SHENZHEN) , Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), the Fourth Board thirteenth Earnings, the company is scheduled for September 2, 2015 2015, held the second extraordinary general meeting, the shareholders' meeting now notify the relevant issues as follows:

First, the basic situation of meeting of:

  (A), meeting time:

1, on-site meeting time: Year 2015. 9 Yue 2 Ri (Xing Qisan) 14:30;

2, Internet voting time: September 1, 2015 - September 2, 2015. Among them, the Internet voting through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange trading system specific time: September 2, 2015 9: 30-11: 30 and 13: 00-15: 00; voting through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the specific Internet voting system time: any time at 15:00 on September 1 2015 to at 15:00 on September 2, 2015 during the period;

(Ii), Convenor: Board of Directors

   (Iii), meeting legal compliance: compliance with this meeting, "People's Republic of China Company Law" and other laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules, regulations and normative documents of the "Articles of Association".

(Iv) Venue: Longhua District Longhua Office Shenzhen Long Road 65 letter Lung Industrial Co., Ltd. Office Building 301 Conference Room

(V), the meeting: The meeting of shareholders to take on-site voting and Internet voting combination, the company will be through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange trading system and the Internet voting system ( provide network form to all shareholders voting platform in the equity registration day for all shareholders in the register can be exercised within the time internet voting system through the right to vote or participate in shareholders' meetings exercise their voting rights. The right to vote can only select the same scene in one or Internet voting. The first ballot the same voting rights to the first duplicate voting results shall prevail.

(F), to attend the meeting to:

      1, to shareholders of record on August 26, 2015 in the afternoon, closing the China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation, Shenzhen Branch of the registered shareholders of the Company are entitled to attend the shareholders' meeting and may attend the meeting and voting in writing an agent the proxies need not be shareholders of the company.

3, the company hired a lawyer; 2, company directors, supervisors and senior management personnel.

(Vii) to shareholders of record date: August 26, 2015

Second, the meeting considered the matter:

1, consider the motion "on the changes registered capital and enable the new Articles of Association"

2, consider the motion "on the revision of <Shareholders' Meeting Criteria>" in

(The above proposal by the Fourth Board of Directors by the thirteenth meeting in which a motion motion "on the company's registered capital and change the opening of the new Articles of Association" subject to special resolution of the shareholders' meeting by the above matters submitted to shareholders considered legitimate program, complete information, relevant announcement was published in the designated media "Securities Times" August 14, 2015, the huge influx of information network

The above proposal for the major issues affecting the interests of small investors, small investors need to separate vote counting, and the results are presented separately in the 2015 Second Extraordinary General Assembly resolutions announcement. Small investors are the shareholders other than the shareholders of the following: 1, the listed company directors, supervisors and senior management personnel; 2, alone or together hold more than 5% shareholders of listed company shares.

Third, attended Registration:

1. Registration Time: August 28, 2015, 31 morning 9: 00-11: 30, 2: 00-4: 30

2, registration: Longhua District Longhua Road 65 Office of Long Industrial Co., Ltd. Shenzhen letter Lung Board Secretariat

3, Registration:

(1) individual shareholders to attend the meeting, holding my ID card, shareholder account card, holding the certificate and other registration formalities;

(2) corporate shareholders attending the meeting of the legal representative must hold my ID card, proof of having to prove their legal representative qualification, business license (with official seal), the unit holding the certificate for registration. The meeting was attended by the agent, the agent a written power of attorney must hold my ID card, the legal representative of the legal person according to the law issued by the business license (with official seal), the unit holding the certificate for registration ;

(3) agent based on my ID card, power of attorney, the principal securities account card and shareholding certificates and other registration formalities;

(4) remote shareholders present their take over relevant documents registered letter or fax (to be served or by fax to the company at 16:30 on August 31, 2015 before), do not accept telephone registration.

Fourth, to participate in Internet voting a specific operational procedures

(A) voting through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange trading system program

1. Voting code: 362 105

2, the voting referred to as: Nobutaka Vote

3, polling hours: transactions September 2, 2015, that is 9: 30-11: 30 and 13: 00-15: 00.

4, the polling day, "Nobutaka vote" Total digital motion-based AGM "yesterday's closing price" shows consideration.

5, through the trading system for Internet voting procedures:

(1) trading direction vote should choose "buy."

(2) In the "price commission" item furnished Motion number of the shareholders' meeting. 100 yuan bill represents the total, 1.00 yuan on behalf of motion 1, to 2.00 yuan on behalf of motion 2, and so on. Each proposal should be entrusted with the corresponding prices were declared. Shareholders' total bill "vote regarded as express the same views on all motions.

Proposal No.

Proposal Title

Order price

The total bill

All unified bill vote



About Change registered capital and enable the new articles of association



Proposal of Amending 'Rules of Procedure for Shareholders>


(3) to fill in the "principal amount" item voting advice, 1 share representatives agreed that stock represents 2 against and 3 abstained stock represents.

Type voting advice

Principal amount





Abstain from voting


(4) Total shareholders to vote the motion, the motion deemed all express the same opinion.

Shareholders appear on the same bill with the total bill when the vote is repeated motion points to the first valid votes shall prevail. As shareholders to vote on the motion points, and then vote on the overall bill, places voting advice has been divided vote bill prevail, other bills not vote on the motion to vote on the comments of the subject; as the first vote on the overall bill vote, then vote on the motion points, places the total voting advice bill prevail.

(5) vote on the same motion to declare the first effective, whichever shall not withdrawals.

(6) does not comply with the above requirements to declare the vote invalid, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange trading system for automatic cancellation process shall be deemed not to vote.

(Ii) through the Internet voting system voting procedures

 1, Internet voting system to vote time is September 1, 2015 (prior to the shareholders 'meetings held on the 1st) 15:00 end time for the September 2, 2015 (the date of the end of the shareholders' general meeting) 15:00.

     2, shareholders via the Internet voting system for Internet voting is required in accordance with "the Shenzhen Stock Exchange investor network service authentication service implementation details," the handle authentication, obtain "the Shenzhen Stock Exchange digital certificate" or "the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Investors Service password."

3, according to shareholder service password or digital certificate acquired can be registered within the specified time to vote through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Internet voting system.

(C) Other Considerations Internet voting

1, Internet voting not cancellation.

2, vote on the same matter can only vote once declared, repeatedly declared in the first declaration prevail.

3, both the same voting rights and voting through the trading system through the Internet, in order to prevail in the first ballot.

4, a number of proposals during the shareholders' meeting, a shareholder only for one or more of the motion to vote, when the vote count, deemed the shareholders to attend the General Assembly to include the total number of shareholders attending the general meeting of the calculation; for the shareholders did not comment on other motions, as a waiver.

V. Other matters:

1. Meetings Contact: Chen Liqiu, Lin Jiahua

Tel: 0755-27749423-105 Address: Longhua District Longhua office Long Road 65

Fax: 0755-27746236 Post Code: 518109

2, accommodation and travel expenses of the participants themselves.

Six reference documents:

1. The proposal to convene a resolution of the board and other shareholders' meeting;

2. Other documents required by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

               HL CORP(SHENZHEN) , Ltd. Board of Directors

                    August 14, 2015


Attachment: "Power of Attorney"

Power of attorney

__________ Hereby consigned Mr. (Ms.) on behalf of the Company (I) to attend the September 2, 2015 held in  HL CORP(SHENZHEN) , Ltd. 2015 Second Extraordinary General Assembly, and in the shareholders' meeting in accordance with the following instructions on the following the motion to vote, did not make such instructions, the agent is entitled to vote according to their wishes.

1, consider the motion "on the changes registered capital and enable the new Articles of Association"

Yes against abstention

2, consider the motion "on the revision of <Shareholders' Meeting Criteria>" in

Yes against abstention

His signature (stamp): ID number:

Number of shares: Shareholders account:

Trustee Signature: ID Number:

Trustee Date:

Note: 1, please call the above options "";

2, were each radio, multiple choice is invalid;

3, power of attorney and copies are available.

Legal statement

Shenzhen HL Corp are subject to the final approval of the government departments and formal legal documents, HL Corp has the final interpretation, please note。