Notice of the convening of the 2014 Fourth Extraordinary General Meeting

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Notice of the convening of the 2014 Fourth Extraordinary General Meeting

The Company and all members of the Board to ensure the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of the announcement of the false records, misleading statements or material omissions jointly and severally liable.

According to the Articles of Association and the relevant provisions of the Board of Directors proposes to July 9, 2014 was held 2014 Fourth Extraordinary General Assembly meeting, as follows:

First, the basic situation of the meeting:

(A), the meeting time:, 2014 Nian 07 Yue 09 Ri (Xing Qisan) at 15: 00-16: 00

(B) Venue: Longhua District Longhua Office Shenzhen Long Road 65 letter Lung Industrial Co., Ltd. Office Building 301 Conference Room

(Iii), Convenor: Board of Directors

 (IV) meeting: held on site

(V) to shareholders of record date: July 2, 2014

Second, the conference topics:

1, consider the motion "on the company <charter amendments>" in

The motion will require a special shareholders' meeting resolution.

(Fifth interim meeting the above proposal by the company of the fourth Board of Directors, the relevant announcement published in the designated media "Securities Times", the huge influx of information network

Third, attended the meeting to:

1, as after July 2, 2014 the end of afternoon trading, the China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation, Shenzhen Branch of the registered shareholders of the Company entitled to attend the shareholders' meeting, and may in writing appoint proxies to attend the meeting and voting, the proxies need not be shareholders of the company;

2, the directors, supervisors and senior management personnel; 3, the company hired a lawyer.

Fourth, attended Registration:

1. Registration Time: July 3, 2014, on the 4th morning 9: 00-11: 30, 2: 00-4: 30

2, registration: Longhua District Longhua Road 65 Office of Long Industrial Co., Ltd. Shenzhen letter Lung Board Secretariat

3, Registration:

(1) individual shareholders holding my ID card, shareholder account card, holding the certificate and other registration formalities;

(2) corporate shareholders with business license (with official seal), the unit holding the certificate, legal power of attorney and the persons attending the ID card for registration;

(3) agent based on my ID card, power of attorney, the principal securities account card and shareholding certificates and other registration formalities;

(4) remote shareholders present their take over relevant documents registered letter or fax (to be served or by fax to the company at 16:30 on the July 4, 2014 before), we do not accept telephone registration.

V. Other matters:

1. Meetings Contact: Chen Liqiu Zhou Xiaorong Tel: 0755-27749423-105

Fax: 0755-27746236 Address: Longhua District Longhua Office Office No. 65 Long Road

Zip Code: 518109

2, accommodation and travel expenses of the participants themselves.

                HL CORP(SHENZHEN) , Ltd. Board of Directors

               June 19, 2014

Attachment: "Power of Attorney"

Power of attorney

__________ Hereby consigned Mr. (Ms.) on behalf of the Company (I) to attend the July 9, 2014 held in  HL CORP(SHENZHEN) , Ltd. Fourth Extraordinary General Assembly in 2014, and at the shareholders' meeting in accordance with the following instructions on the following the motion to vote, did not make such instructions, the agent is entitled to vote according to their wishes.

1, consider the motion "on the company <charter amendments>" in

Yes against abstention

His signature (stamp): ID number:

Number of shares: Shareholders account:

Trustee Signature: ID Number:

Trustee Date:

Note: 1, please call the above options "";

2, were each radio, multiple choice is invalid;

3, power of attorney and copies are available.

Legal statement

Shenzhen HL Corp are subject to the final approval of the government departments and formal legal documents, HL Corp has the final interpretation, please note。