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Does Riding A Bicycle More Preferable To Driving A Car


Nowadays, most people are eager to own their own cars for various reasons. Some agree that it's a reasonable way to show their possessions which tend to make them more charming and attractive. Some others also think that it's much more convenient to them every time they need to get somewhere. There still be someone arguing that cars are great invention of human world and what are they for, if they are never used, not to mention being made most of.  However, people who prefer riding a bicycle to driving a car, set much stronger reasons out to argue their ideas. People wanting a car are considered not to show confidence but show off, sort of. When it comes to a traffic jam, driving a car can be the worst choice. Though it's somewhat convenient to some people. And the most important point is the pollution air which is made from cars, while protecting environment is the most strong argument that people who prefer riding a bicycle hold. What's more, actually, we really need more people willing to choose bicycles instead of cars, when cars are becoming more and more over popular and the environment is getting overwhelming

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