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Does Each Brand Of Bike Only Release A Few That Are Available For Sale A Year



Are you asking whether bike companies have specific models that they offer at a discount? The answer is yes, sort of.


Most bike companies do what are called SMU's, or Special Make Ups for retailers.


For example (and this is not a REAL example) Schlepbikes might have a model called the "Bandit". This may have a regular retail price of $500. A large retailer might go to Schlepbikes and ask them to make a bike LIKE the "Bandit" but with changes like perhaps cheaper hubs and plastic pedals and junky spokes so that they can be sold for a much lower price, maybe even half price. They call this special model the "Bandit X".


Once the stores receive the Bandit X it is placed on the sales floor at the regular price of $500 to solidify the retailers intention to offer it at that price. Invariably they sell at least a couple at this higher price.


As the time gets closer to actually sell the bikes they may mark them down to, for example, $300 and then say "COMPARE AT $500- ULTRA FAT DISCOUNT SALE ONLY $300" when in reality the bike was designed for sale- at their full profit margin- at the "sale" price.


So, fair warning. If you see a bike at a deep discount you should look for a couple of things. First, look for a disclaimer that will say "No sales may have occurred at the original price". Second, look at the model NAME and MODEL NUMBER. If they don't match the more expensive model it is NOT the same bike even if it looks the same. Third, in most cases if the sales tag begs you to COMPARE TO then the product will require additional scrutiny.

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