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EUROBIKE European bike show

Europe is the birthplace of bicycles and the first choice of international bicycle exhibitions.


The epidemic disrupted the convenience of Global trade circulation, but it also prompted people to pay attention to healthier lifestyles and more obvious means of transportation. After the epidemic, millions of people across Europe began to ride bicycles during the epidemic.


Europe is the world's largest bicycle consumer market and has great market purchasing power. Germany is one of the developed countries in the world, with the third largest economy, only second to the United States and Japan. The German and even European bicycle market is definitely a tempting market for China, with great potential.


In the 2019 exhibition, Chinese rookie brands such as battle, Java, LANGTU, mission, ofo, Qiji, Sava, skyee, trinx, golden wheel and XDS appeared in the exhibition and were unanimously recognized and praised by the industry. Doing high-end export and being in line with international standards is the current development trend and favorable state of Chinese enterprises.


In recent years, various countries, especially Europe, have strengthened the promotion of environmental protection, giving great confidence to the green industry of bicycle. There are a wide range of bicycles, including children's bikes, teenagers' bikes, mountain SUVs, city bikes, all terrain bikes, mountain bikes, racing cars, station wagons, mountain look bikes and other categories, which meet the needs of all ages. The EU estimates that the average purchase of bicycles in Europe is 17 million every year, with more people in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy and other countries.


Eurobike, as an international industry platform, is an annual event for brands, traders, buyers and bicycle lovers in the whole industry. Exhibitors will show their new and heavy products, so the exhibition is also a wind vane of the new trend of the bicycle industry.


Eurobike 2022 will be held from July 13 to 17


Booth number:Hall 8 Stand 120

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